Books and Paintings By JoAnne

I am an American screenwriter with 10 complete screenplays within the genres of horror, thriller, fantasy, supernatural, and western.

I'd like to offer my fantasy, IS IT ONLY A MYTH?  set in the year 1997 up for consideration for a television movie or feature film.            IS IT ONLY A MYTH? is a 79-page action packed screenplay with series potential. It will appeal to fans seeking the high-stakes adventure of hunting monsters while maintaining the scope of focus on the main character 37-year-old handsome bachelor James Conner. 

At the tender age of seven, James Conner survived the tragic Silver Bridge Collapse of 1967.  That was the first time he saw the Mothman. The nightmares and migraines James suffers from that ordeal persist.  Now Sheriff of a small southeastern town, James is besieged with reports of missing people and sightings of a dark hairy bat/rat/human creature.  

With a list of odd ball characters hunting the beast for money or glory, the body count rises. With unwanted help from drunks, career criminals, husband and wife teams, and love interest Cryptozoologist Page Banner,  and her 3-man crew, it’s hard to tell friend from foe. 

I had a 3-year contract with Mélange Books who represented 4 of my books.  Black Rose Writing represented 2 of my books with a 3-year contract.  My true crime anthology Twisted Love-twelve cases of bad love is currently represented by RJ Parker Publishing.

IS IT ONLY A MYTH? is loaded with misplaced love, treachery and a twist ending. 

Respectfully Yours,

JoAnne Myers