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Hello and thank you for dropping by. In 2017, I earned an Associates degree in Recording Arts and began an acting career along with working a 9-5 job. I have been in several TV and feature films and hope to make acting a lifelong career. Besides being a cross-genre author, I canvas paint. I also write song lyrics and have turned four of my short stories into screenplays for which I hope to sell. 

My 8th book, “Murder Most Foul 2: Batya”, and my 9th book, "Invaded By The Galaxy", are WIP. Feel free to browse. I also welcome guest authors and comments. Thank you.  

Murder Most Foul 2: Batya

Agent Walker Harmon is called out of retirement by the Vatican to rescue a very special girl, "Batya", from Satan and his followers. Realizing what he is up against, Agent Harmon welcomes help from any and all. Little does the agent realize, but "help" will come from forces one should not recquin with. 

Invaded By The Galaxy

Unbeknownst to Americans, various planets have chosen the same day (Black Friday) to invade North America. According to these foreign planets, who have studied humans from afar for several years, Earthlings are idiots and easily conquered. Unbeknownst to the aliens, high schoolers and SyFy buffs, stumble upon the invasion and will stop at nothing to save Earth. This is a comedy in the realm of Mel Brooks.






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