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Poems of Love, Life, and Everything in Between


Outline: a collection of inspirational poems derived from the authors love for nature, animals, friendship and family


         MY MOM


          She’s the one I call on for favors by the score.

          The one who says ‘stay safe’,

          each time I exit the door.

          She watches out for me, makes me laugh, and more.

          She seldom gets a ‘thank you’,

          for all the good’s she’s done.

          Just goes day by day, without a complaint.

          Doing things for others, in her same sweet ways.

          I’d miss her dearly, if she just wasn’t here.

          She’s much more then my mom, she’s my friend.

          I’d never find another; I hope she’s always near.

          This person isn’t just anyone, its much more clear.  

          That she is irreplaceable, strong and unique.
          She isn’t perfect, but she’s my sweet mother dear.



          MY DAUGHTERS


           I love my daughters always.
          We have a special connection, you see.

          It’s like we feel one another’s heartache and joys.

          I love them whole-heartedly,

          with all their sins and needs.

          We share our silly secrets,

          and all our dreams come true.

          Our love will never falter,

          but grown strong, and succeed.

          A rare and beautiful bond,

          like each mother and daughter should be.

          A love growing, marvelous, precious, and free.








           Thanks for the memories.

          For they will never fade.

          The place where dreams are made,

          cheered me and consoled me,

          when from my path I strayed.

          I owe you all so much.

          Thanks for the memories.

          I leave them all to you.

          To them be ever true,

          I’ve had a lot of fun,

          and a lot of hardships too.

          How happy I’ve been.

          To say good-bye with my heart full,

          of loyalty love, and sadness.

          But you will go on forever,

          as I say adieu, I think of you.

          Thanks for the memories.

          My debt to you is great.

          So to you I dedicate,

          the hopes, the fears, the joys,

​          of nineteen seventy-six.




My Family

         My family has my back.

          As true friends will do.

          My family is my safe harbor.

          Knowing me through and through.

          My family has no secrets,

          lies, or regrets.
          They love me unconditionally.

          by showing me admiration and respect.
          My family trusts and believes me.
          Never far, but always there for me.
          Never a reason to complain.

          ‘Cause my family not only loves me,

but understands.




I now turn a page of life’s great book,

and start on a sheet that’s bright and new.

I now have a chance to start at the top,

and be careful the whole way through.

My last page is filled with lines of life,

that’ll soon be just memories of times gone by.

Of lessons I learned, good times I had,

and the friends I made through and through.

Those lessons and friends will not be forgotten,

though the next page be ever so fair.

For the leaf that tells of these past years,

shall be for eternity there.

This year marks the thirtieth year,

of my joyful birth.

I hope to live on forever,

and increase abundantly in worth.

So as I turn slowly the well worn page,

that tells of all these happy years.

I am rather glad and rather sad.

I’m happy, but then there are tears.

I bid adieu to my family and friends,

and gaze upon the new.

But remember whether I’m happy or sad,

          I often think, dear life, of you.




          You are my mother.
          The one who gave me life.

          What you did, means everything to me.

          Your offering is more then just a breath of life.

          It is my beginning, and your unselfishness.

          The truest gift of all.

          You made me feel wanted and loved.

          There for me in times of pain and sorrow.

          Nothing could take your place.

          Not money, fame or lust.      

          Nothing can erase the joys,

          of a childhood filled with trust.

          You let me beat you in checkers.

          Like all good parents do.

          We shared our funny secrets,

          before the day was through.

           I’m glad you were my mother.
          Even after your death, we’re not apart.
          No need to say ‘I love you.’
          ‘Cause we always felt the other’s heart.

          You were more then just a mother.

          More then just a friend.

          You were my sister, dad and Mother.

You were my heroine-my everything.