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                                               Murder Most Foul-a detective/mystery

Publisher: Melange Books

Release Date: August 30, 2013


ISBN: 9781612357201

Formats: HTML, ebook, Paperback, PDF



BLURB: When two dismembered torsos wash up on the banks of the local river in the small industrial town of Pleasant Valley, residents are horrified. Between contradicting statements, police ineptitude, lust, lies, manipulation, incest, the motorcycle gang The Devil’s Disciples, crooked cops, and a botched crime scene, everyone becomes a suspect.

The young beautiful Jackie Reeves, a registered nurse, believes the killer is a man from her past. She contacts the dangerously handsome FBI Agent Walker Harmon. An arrest is made, but Harmon and Jackie believe an innocent man is being railroaded by local cops. Determined to find the truth, before anymore killings, Agent Harmon and Jackie are forced to run a gauntlet of deep trouble and turmoil, which marks them for death. 


Chapter One

On the morning of October 15, 1982, David Weland reported as missing his nineteen-year-old son, Shaun, and Shaun's eighteen-year-old girlfriend, Lorena James. Now adults, they required a twenty-four-hour waiting interval before David could file a missing person's report.

David, a fireman and part-time diver, left Shaun's photo and the telephone number of Lorena’s stepfather, Vernon James, with Sheriff Jeff Brown.

Sheriff Brown, an antique clocks collector and horseshoe enthusiast, immediately contacted Mr. James and his wife, Helen, a receptionist for a local optometrist, requesting Lorena's photographs.

Even before the James family brought in the photos, the sheriff was uneasy. Their background contained all kinds of odd kinks. The courtship between the tall gaunt, Vernon and submissive Helen was brief.

A second marriage for each, they married in Xenia, before Vernon moved his new wife and her two small daughters to the Pleasant Valley area.

A non-drinker and former single parent to his only child, Barry Lee, Vernon had a strict, domineering reputation. He ruled his home with an iron fist, belting out orders like a drill sergeant, presenting an intimidating figure.

One of Vernon's acquaintances claimed, "The only time you see Vernon with his family is when they eat at the Shake Shop on Wednesday nights. They walk into the place in single file, led by Vernon. 

It's like a mother duck takin' her ducklin's to water. Even then he'll be wear’n that butcher knife tied to his belt."

Others described the ex-Air Force Sergeant as having a temper, very possessive of his property and family, but still a likeable guy.

The plumb bottle-blonde Helen, a mother at twenty, divorced her children's father and showed little interest in her two daughters, counted few friends, yet worshiped Vernon.

"Helen stays on the farm if she's not working," a co-worker said. "She always caters to her husband and has chores to do."

Choosing photos of Lorena from the family albums, Vernon and Helen drove to the Sheriff's Department, late October 15th. Inside, Vernon handed the sheriff three nude photographs of his stepdaughter, taken at the tender age of thirteen.

Flabbergasted, the lanky, wavy-haired sheriff squinted his green eyes. "Why do you give us nude pictures of your step-daughter?"

"These show Lorena's true beauty. They're her legacy for her children and grandchildren," the self-employed carpenter said.

Alerted by the odd answer, Sheriff Brown said, "Folks, we need to ask you a few questions." He escorted the couple into one of the interrogation rooms. "Someone will be with you in a few minutes."

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